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Mrs. McGuckin - 6A

FRIDAY, March 1


Shortened Day


Please be advised:

The only drink permitted in the classroom is water. No other drinks are allowed.  


Parents, please send your child into school in appropriate winter attire....winter coats! They can remove if they are too hot at recess, but many are shivering when we pick them up.



Bilbo Baggins is a sedate, boring little hobbit who enjoys a comfortable stay-at-home life in the Shire. But when the wizard Gandalf and a company of dwarves arrive, life becomes a tremendous adventure. Against his will (at first) he accompanies them on a journey to raid a dragon’s treasure hoard inside Lonely Mountain. As they travel, Bilbo runs into frightening creatures and finds a magic ring that saves his life. With every challenge he grows, and soon he’s saving the lives of the dwarves, and finding out just what he’s made of:  courage, intelligence, and loyalty.  The Hobbit  is an exciting, beautiful adventure through Middle Earth, to grasp the real treasure of potential.