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Art assignment CHOICE BOARD for SNOW DAYS:

SDS Students in PreK-3 through 8, complete ONE of these assignments if we have a snow day on the day you have ART. You can bring your completed work back to school for our next art class, or you can email a picture to me. Don't forget to sign your name!

DRAW: Draw a snow globe containing a creative landscape. Add lots of details and then color it.

DESIGN: Design the ultimate sled. Draw it from different angles to show all of its unique features. Name it!

IMAGINE: Imagine a world where something else (not snow) fell from the sky last night! Draw it and then add color. Be creative and have fun!

MAKE: Make paper snowflakes to decorate your room. See how many you can cut out in 30 minutes.

CREATE: If you have your parents' permission, go outside and build a snow sculpture. Take a picture and email it to me!

Information for planned virtual days:

If we are virtual (NOT snow days), you will only need some simple supplies for art. Have a piece of white computer paper, a sharp pencil, and some coloring materials like crayons or markers ready at your designated time. I will be coming to the classrooms in grades Pre-K through 5 to teach from your homeroom teacher's computer. In grades 6 -8, students will log onto my Google Art Classroom.