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Mrs. Gracia - 2B

April Happenings in Second Grade

Important dates:

4/1 - 4/7 - Easter vacation

4/8 - Summer uniforms

4/22 - Renaissance testing begins

4/26 – Progress reports

Looking ahead - 5/3 Blessing of the Articles and confession

                           5/4 - Holy Communion 9am 

                           5/10 - May Crowning Mass - early dismissal

In Reading we will:

    Read stories to learn what heroes do, how we can protect the earth, and why rules are important.

    Explore different genres including expository text, fiction, realistic fiction, and biography.

    Continue to learn how to recognize point of view while reading a particular text and determining the problem and solution scenario in each story.

    Revisit determining the author’s purpose and the sequencing of events while reading.


Learn various grammar skills including:


    Possessive pronouns

    Pronoun-verb agreement

    Proper nouns

    Correctly writing book titles


Learn various spelling and phonics skills including:

    Short vowel digraphs ea, ou, and y

    Variant vowels


    Explore homophones, synonyms, and multiple meaning words

In Religion we will:

Learn the importance of listening to God’s word at Mass.

Explore further the order of the Mass.

Discuss the symbols of bread and wine during the Mass.

Discuss the vestments and articles the priest uses during the Mass.

Learn about the Eucharistic Prayer, Consecration, and Transfiguration.

Continue practicing for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

In Math we will be learning about:


Estimation of length

Inch, foot, yard

Cup, pint, gallon, ounce

Centimeter, meter

Gram, kilogram

Liter, volume

Equivalent measures




Square units

Temperature – F* and C*


In Science we will:


Land animals

Water animals

Needs of living things






In Social Studies we will:

Culture, heritage, religion

Many cultures - one country

Stories passed down

Fact vs fiction

Folktales/tall tales

Johnny appleseed

John Henry

American holidays:

President’s Day

Veteran’s Day

Memorial Day

Labor Day


George Washington

MLK, Jr.

Thomas Jefferson

Abraham Lincoln

Jackie Robinson

Theodore Roosevelt