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Mrs. Gaspich - 2A

Welcome To Second Grade 





October Happenings in Second Grade


Important dates:


10/7 Progress reports - please sign and return

10/10 Columbus Day . . .no school . . . go out and explore new things

10/13 Rosary Prayer service

10/14 Renaissance testing for second grade

10/18 Picture Day! Bring your smile!

10/21 Native American project information going home in Friday folder

10/31 Halloween parade, 1pm


The following is curriculum being covered in the month of October:


Language Arts:

Short vowel sounds a, o, and u

Long vowel sounds a, o, and u


Continue with subjects

Understand inflectional endings s/es

Combine subjects and predicates using “and”


Improve punctuation and capitalization skills

Use commas in a series

Nouns . . . common, proper, plural, singular, and irregular

Quotation marks

Making predictions



 Subtract 0, 1, 2

Adding and subtracting doubles

Thinking addition to subtract

Making a ten to subtract

Writing stories and number sentences

Modeling tens and ones

Writing number words to ninety-nine

Greater than, less than, equal to

Counting to 100

10 more 10 less

Place value to a two-digit number


Ordering numbers on a number line

Exploring even and odd numbers

Ordinal to the 31st


Pictographs, bar graphs


Range, mode, median

Line plots 

Venn diagram


Social Studies:

Discussing Native American cultures

People. places, and nature


Using maps to locate places



Earth, land, and water





When, where, and why people move to a certain place


Communities and resources

Urban, suburban, and rural

Natural resources

George Washington Carver



Discover what plants and animals need

Producer and consumer

Predators vs prey

How plants and animals get food in a grassland

How plants and animals get food in the ocean

Food chains/Food webs and how they can change

How plants and animals help each other