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Mrs. Gaspich - 2A

Welcome To Second Grade 



Hello Parents,


Welcome to second grade! Below you will find important dates as well as information on the many academic concepts we will be covering over the month of September. We will strive and diligently work towards becoming 21st century independent and enthusiastic learners who embrace the importance of learning while realizing it can be fun. It is imperative your child read each night as well as work on his/her addition and subtraction facts. I will share ideas with you at Back to School Night, to help make these two tasks become a happy habit for your child.


Thank you for all you do to help assist me in your child’s education. Enjoy the month!


 Important dates:

•9/5 School opens

•9/6 Before and After Care begins

•9/12 Back to School Night for K – 3

•Please remember to sign and return all forms and to send in your child’s supply money ($17.00)

Check the St. Dominic website calendar for more important dates.


 During the month of September second graders will:

In Religion -

Describe the gifts God gives us each day and how we will care for them

Understand God’s gifts are for sharing

Know we are made in God’s image

Confirm we can think, choose, and love because we are in God’s image

Identify the different levels of being

Understand that Jesus showed God’s love by dying and rising to give us new life

Express ways to show God’s love

Understand why we are disciples

Learn the significance of the Sign of the Cross

Recognize themselves as God’s children through Baptism and review the symbols of Baptism

Identify the leaders of the church and that our membership in the church is one of a life of love


In Language Arts –

Begin working on stamina . . . an important factor in becoming an independent reader

Read stories about school days, making friends, and police officers

Check comprehension by recalling important story details such as characters, settings, and events

Work on visualizing both before and during our reading of a story

Review short vowel sounds a, e, i, o, and u

Identify and write statement, question, command, and exclamation sentences

Understand the subject of a sentence

Write personal narratives

Continue improving the use of capitalization and punctuation

Utilize words that show feelings and learn proofreading marks


In Math –

Work on addition facts to sums of 20

Explore problem solving

Work with related addition facts

Count on to add and count back to subtract

Make a 10 to add

Work with doubles facts, doubles + 1, and Doubles – 1

Explore missing addends

Review fact families

Relate addition to subtraction


In Science –


Discuss properties of matter

Solids, liquids, and gasses

Usefulness of matter


In Social Studies –

Families - similarities and differences

Conduct a family interview









Family tree