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Ms. Nemeth - 1A

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Looking Ahead:



1/2/24  – School reopens 

1/5- 12:30 Dismissal, please remember your peanut free snack

Mission money due, please send in your donation  in an envelope, no boxes need to be returned.  If possible, please cash change in.  

 1/15– School Closed for students…Professional Development Day for Teachers

1/19- Progress Reports

1/28 - Catholic Schools Week

1/29- Class pictures 


 2/2- 12:30 Dismissal, please remember your peanut free snack

 2/14– Ash Wednesday

First Grade will celebrate Valentine’s Day by distributing Valentine Cards.  Please send in Valentine’s Cards with no specific names on the envelopes…it makes distribution much easier!

2/19- President’s Day - School Closed  



In Religion, we will learn about:

  • Jesus’ compassion for those who suffer

  • Offerings we can make to be closer to God

  • Praying the Rosary

  • Bible Stories

  • How much Jesus loves the children

  • How everyone is our neighbor

In Language Arts, we will work on:

  • Continue to work on fluency

  • Soft c, soft g, -dge, long o, long u, long e, long a, long i

  • Inflection endings –ed and –ing

  • Structural analysis: CVCe syllables

  • Finding text evidence in stories

  • Continue working on present, past, and future verbs

  • Is and are, was and were, has and have, go and do, see and saw

  • Contractions with not

  • Prefixes

  • Open syllables

  • Compound words

  • Adverbs

In Math, we will work on:

  • Counting with groups of 10 and leftovers

  • Numbers made with tens

  • Expanded forms

  • Ways to make numbers

  • 1 more, 1 less; 10 more, 10 less

  • Making numbers on a hundred chart

  • Comparing numbers with <, >, =

  • Ordering three numbers

  • Study-study-study math facts to 12

In Social Studies, we will:

  • Understand  what community helpers are

  • Discover symbols and traditions of the United States

  • American symbols

  • American documents

  • American songs

  • American heroes

  • Our National holidays

In Science, we will:

  • Conclusion of Topic #

  • Curriculum related STEM Lab activities 

  • Learn about the weather…patterns in weather and how we use tools, instruments, or our senses to obtain information about the weather 

  • Understand the four seasons

  • Weather changes/storms


Whew!! We will be very busy!!

The First Grade Teachers