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Ms. Nemeth - 1A

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Welcome To First Grade

Dear Parents and Students,

We thought you might enjoy knowing what we will be learning this year. In religion, we will learn more about our relationship with God, Jesus, and Mary; the Saints; Baptism; Advent; Lent; the Holy Spirit; the Rosary; the Stations of the Cross; Christmas; Easter; Holy Week; and unconditional love.

In language arts, we will learn to read, how to write good sentences, capitalization, punctuation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, contractions, synonyms, antonyms, subjects, and predicates.

In math, we will work with addition and subtraction, graphs, money, place value, time, measurement, geometry, fractions and two digit numbers.

In social studies, we will explore citizenship, home, school, community, neighborhoods, laws, jobs, needs, wants, money, farming, our Earth, our resources, endangered animals, Johnny Appleseed, holidays, Native Americans, symbols, markets and inventions.

In science, we will explore living and nonliving things, habitats, how plants and animals live, life cycles, food chains, weather, land, water, air, observe matter, movement and sound, energy and utilize our science lab.

 By the time school begins, students should:

    .      recognize the words listed on the Word List for First Grade by sight

     .     be able to recognize both upper and lowercase letters and sounds

  •    be able to recognize and write numbers 1 – 50 and recognize number words through ten 

  •      be able to print full first and last names

  •     be able to recite home address, birthday, parent’s names and home phone number

  •      be able to recognize the days of the week and months of the year

  •      be able to recognize basic colors and color words

  •       know how to button, zip, buckle and tie shoes 


Over the summer break, all incoming first grade students are required to read a minimum of two books of their choice.  In addition, one hour of reading, and one hour of math on the IXL website must be completed during this time.  


During the first week of school, students should bring, each day, a peanut free snack and a drink (no bottles or cans, please). Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your First Grade Teachers

Here is a list of the supplies you will need for first grade: 

  • Blue Jay Folder*

  • Writing Tablets*

  • Pencil Case*

  • Crayons*

  • Glue Stick*

  • Scissors

  • Eraser

  • 1 Small Book Sox

  • 1 Jumbo Book Sox

  • 3 Folders

  • Seat Sack (new students only)*

  • 6 Sharpened #2 Pencils w/Erasers

  • Clear Contact Paper(for use at home) 

*Items marked with an asterisk are purchased through the school. You will receive a notice regarding the fee for these items in the fall.


Your child is expected to know the following list as “sight words.” Within a few weeks of school, your child will be tested on these words for mastery. Placing words on index cards is a great way for them to practice. Your child is not expected to know how to spell these words. In addition, he/she should not be sounding them out, but rather recognize them quickly by sight.


 First Grade Word List

a the it is I
can see go to we
at look am are in
for they on you all
and like he said no
she big not will come
me up down was my
play yes be find make
help where little away funny
jump run here this that
with do have what red
out there but get ten
too so now who two
our ate blue