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Summer Math Assignment

Students will sign in to IXL and either click on Recommendations (which is under Learning), or may go directly to the Diagnostic Arena for a report with IXL skills tailored to their needs. Students may choose to update the Diagnostic Arena to receive more recommendations or may choose to bypass the Diagnostic Arena altogether. 

The only requirement for this summer math assignment is that students must complete a minimum amount of hours of work on their personal recommendations, based on their grade level.

  • Incoming kindergarteners have no minimum math requirement for IXL.
  • Incoming 1st graders should complete a minimum of 2 hours of math skills.
  • Students entering grades 2-5 should complete a minimum of 4 hours of math skills.
  • Students entering grades 6-8 should complete a minimum of 6 hours of math skills.

Please note that this time is based on IXL’s algorithms, and the number of “active minutes” worked may not equal the amount of time someone physically sat down to work. If in doubt, the Analytics tab may be utilized to show students exactly how long they worked. Just remember to set a start date of June 13th, when the 2022-2023 school year officially ended!

SDS math teachers will look over summer IXL work once school starts up again in September. Students who worked on their assignments for the minimum number of hours for their grade will earn a 100 for their first homework assignment of the 2023-2024 school year.