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Saint Dominic School’s technology program promotes learning in the 21st Century. Students are instructed in a curriculum aligned to national technology literacy standards in a fully-equipped computer lab. They receive lessons in internet safety, keyboarding skills, and Microsoft Office productivity tools. Students learn the elements of computer programming and robotics through interactive websites and by interfacing with NAO, a school-owned humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics. The languages of the web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python) are used for programming, computational thinking, and creating websites.

The use of technology is incorporated across all disciplines. In preschool through fourth grades, twelve iPads per classroom support instruction. Students in fifth through eighth grade participate in a 1:1 iPad program in which various apps and software programs, such as e-Backpack, Brain Pop, Study Sync, FlipGrid, and IXL as well as digital real-time techbooks and textbooks are available to the students. Desktop computers and iPads are used for student collaboration in creating presentations. SMART Boards are used in each classroom to enable interactive student participation. Digital microscopes, scientific probes, and a 3-D printer allow students to actually see the results of their scientific experiments and artistic creations. The use of iMovie on the students’ iPads captures concepts in a visual and auditory way. Global collaboration, interactive presentations, and virtual field trips are made possible via a high-end videoconferencing system.