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Science concepts follow Next Generation Science Standards in compliance with the Diocese of Trenton Science Curriculum Guidelines. Kindergarten through fifth grade students utilize the Scott Foresman Science series, and sixth grade students use Pearson Earth Science. Discovery Education digital real-time techbooks serve as a resource for the seventh and eighth grade students. In preparation for success in studying science in high school, seventh grade students study biology and eighth grade students study chemistry and physics. The Next Generation Science Standards format includes all three Dimensions of Learning as well as crosscutting concepts and science/engineering practices. STEM concepts and the use of multimedia, interdisciplinary connections, real-life situations, critical thinking, project-based learning, research, and STEM lab reports are incorporated in the lessons. The 5E’s of Science: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate are the framework for student learning. Saint Dominic School has partnered with Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, Rutgers University, Stockton University, and Save Barnegat Bay Association. Architects, civil engineers, accountants, cardiologists, and educational researchers have presented STEM education to the faculty and students.