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The mathematics program follows the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines. The Sadlier Progress in Math series is used in kindergarten through fifth grades and the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Big Ideas Math program is implemented in sixth through eighth grades. Differentiated learning strategies that are incorporated into instruction include the use of manipulatives, number lines, charts, technology, and hands-on activities and projects. IXL Learning (an online individualized math platform) is employed to practice math concepts at the students’ learning level. Math education is provided to the fifth through eighth grade students in homogeneous groups. Peer coaching is offered for students who need reinforcement in math skills. A flipped classroom approach is frequently implemented to give students exposure to course material before teacher instruction and lesson activities occur. In order to prepare the eighth grade students for high school, they are given the opportunity to study Algebra I if they meet the criteria established by the Department of Catholic Schools.