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Mrs. Rybczynski - 1B


The students of first grade will be working very hard this month and next. They are beginning to read with more fluency as we work on our phonetic skills. Also, we are learning to write good sentences. We are practicing our addition facts and learning how to subtract. November and December are filled with much learning and fun activities. We need to continue working on improving our time management skills as well as learning to stay focused on the task at hand, until it is completed. Some important information you need to know is listed below:

Important dates:


11/1     All Saints Day-Winter Uniforms begin    

11/4     Early Dismissal, don't forget your peanut free snack

11/18      End of First Trimester

11/23     Students may dress down in Blue & White

                Early Dismissal, 12:30, please bring peanut free snack- no aftercare

11/24     Thanksgiving Break


12/2    School Closed Parent-Teacher Conference/Report Cards

12/8    Feast of Immaculate Conception. School Closed for students

12/12  Christmas Concert 6:30 PM

12/23    Early Dismissal, please bring a peanut free snack-no, aftercare

1/3/23   School Reopens


Over the next two months we will cover the following in our curriculum:


- continue to explore our relationship with Jesus and how we can be more Christ like

- types of prayer.....thanks,asking,praise,sorrow

- The Our Father

- The story of Creation

- Joseph and Mary

- The story of the birth of Jesus

- The Holy Family

- Giving thanks

- Christmas

Language Arts:

- short U,E,O

- main idea/supporting details

- th, sh, ng endings

- Adding s/es to nouns

- poems

- retelling stories/sequences: journal writing

-contractions/using the apostrophe

-diagramming/consonant digraphs

- characters, setting and plot

- labeling/maps

- predicting

- reviewing good sentences. . . statements, exclamations, questions

- nouns - common, proper, plural, irregular & possessive

- contractions with not

- verbs

- comma in a series

- silent/magical "e"

- long vowels A & I


- continue to practice addition and subtraction facts to 18

-fact families        

-subtract to compare    

-graphs, tally marks, interpreting     

data, bar graphs        

-range, median, mode


- life cycles . . . how organisms grow and change

- food chains . . . how plants and animals grow

Social Studies:

-Our Community

-Finding Places

-Maps and Models

-Continents and Oceans

-My State         

We have a lot of work to do. It is imperative you continue to review sight words and read orally with your child every night. Thank you for all you do to help assist in making this a very successful year for your child.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The First Grade Teachers