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Mrs. Rybczynski - 1B


October 2023

Dear Parents,

Well, we have made it through the first month of school!! Thank you for all the support you have given your child. It makes all the difference in the world. The following are important dates to remember and some curriculum concepts your child will be working on during the month of October:

10/06   Progress Reports....Please Sign and Return by  10/10/23

10/9   No School today….Happy Columbus Day

10/17   Early dismissal, confirmation. Don’t forget your peanut free snack!

10/18  Spirituality Day for teachers, school closed for students

10/24    Individual Portraits

10/31   Halloween Parade at 1:00 pm....Happy Halloween

Here are some things we will be learning this month:


-continue to understand God is Good

-understand what is Holy

-identifying symbols in Church

-how we can listen to God when He speaks – prayers/psalms

-importance of daily prayer


-water is a gift


Language Arts

-Reading books…each Friday your child will bring home his/her reading book. Please have your child read the story of the week multiple times.Always return our reading book on Monday.


While reading with your child take time to point out capitalization, punctuation, and voice expression when an exclamation point or question mark is used. Please have your child sound out unknown words. 

-Spelling…words will be given to the students on Monday; however, spelling words are posted over the weekend to go over the spelling words.

-short a and i words

-writing simple sentences

-importance of word order in a sentence

-sequence of events

-question and exclamatory sentences



-Addition: Spatial Patterns for Numbers to 10

-Turnaround facts (1+2=3...2+1=3)

-Counting on, taking the higher number and adding it to the other addend

-Introducing Addition Expressions and Number Sentences

-Subtraction: Understanding and finding missing parts up to 10

-Connecting Addition with Subtraction


Conclusion of Topic 1

-describing sound

-making sound

-uses of sound

-musical instruments

Topic 2

-observing light


-use of light 


Social Studies

Conclusion of Topic 1

-Acting as a good citizen

-Rights and responsibilities of citizens

-Following rules and laws

-My leaders

-My government

-Making choices in government


All of this and much more will keep us very busy learning. Thank you for staying involved, encouraging, and being present in your child’s education.


The First Grade Teachers