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Saint Dominic School provides an academically excellent preschool through eighth grade education in a faith-filled environment. Students learn and practice their faith daily through classroom instruction, liturgy, prayer, and community service. To ensure that the children receive the finest possible education, Saint Dominic School conducts academic programs that promote individual growth, tap the full potential of each child, and develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. The culture for learning is one of high expectations, hard work, and responsibility for students and faculty. All students are actively engaged and positively motivated through diverse methods of learning including digital resources, collaborative group work, independent contributions, and competitive opportunities.

High standards for student learning are upheld through a well-rounded, value-enriched curriculum that is reflected in standardized test scores and high school placement. Compliance with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the Diocese of Trenton Curriculum Guidelines is achieved through the various academic programs offered. The standards and guidelines are starting points to ensure students receive an excellent education as well as provide a framework for instruction. Teachers follow the scope and sequence of the curriculum to ensure the needs of every student are met and integrate the curriculum in order to maximize instructional time and facilitate the transfer of skills and understanding. The foundation for the Diocese of Trenton Curriculum Guidelines is found in the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Areas of study include: